Report Date: 04/09/2019


Research Pedigree - 4 Generation

Bells Miss Dapple Ash MDLH


Name: Bells Miss Dapple Ash MDLH
AKC #: HP468555/01 08-17 Breed/Variety: Dachshund
Birth Date: 01/21/2014 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black & Tan Dapple
Breeder(s): Jean J DeLaune


Bells Miss Dapple Ash MDLH
HP468555/01 08-17
Black & Tan Dapple
Delaunes A Twist Of Fate At Verde Hills Mld
HP401711/03 02-13
Black & Cream Dapple
AKC DNA #V692777
Lexi's Blowin' In The Wind Of Verde Hills'
HP314643/04 11-09
Cream Dapple
AKC DNA #V619818
Stoneleigh Full Of Swank
HP200460/01 08-07 (South Africa)
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V466394
Ralines Firenze Of Stoneleigh
KUSA CT012772
Stoneleigh Aniversarywaltz
KUSA BT012073
Cedarcreeks Zoey Baby Ml
HP147772/04 02-08
Cream Dapple
Masondox Tucker Mason Ml
HP093437/01 07-05
Cedarcreek's Baby Cleopatra Ml
HP076983/02 07-05
Black & Tan Dapple
Highwater's Nilla Puddin' Ms
HP281683/04 11-09
Leon Valley's Xtra Cream Sugarbear
HP225593/05 11-07
AKC DNA #V509203
Leon Valley's Boston Cream Pie
HP163852/02 12-06
AKC DNA #V514755
Leon Valley's Cinnamon Twist
HP192169/01 12-06
Leon Valley's Texas Twinkie
HP160024/05 05-07
Jc's Prince Charming
HP097194/02 10-05
Jc's Shotzie Ms
HN000093/01 03-04
Delaunes Miss American Pie Mlp
HP420120/04 12-13
Chocolate & Tan Piebald
Sir Speckles Leboufe
HP134859/04 07-06
Black & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V407379
Toby's Irish Creme
HP088889/02 04-05
AKC DNA #V353492
Handy Buffy Cream ML
HM608175/02 11-96
AKC DNA #V88537
Carter's Blonde Gold Mine
HM955476/01 03-03
Delaune's Princess Bella Boo
HP091432/01 04-05
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Carter's Toby"N"Trouble ML
HP012584/05 08-03
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
AKC DNA #V296967
Carter's Foxy Fawn Roxy Ms
HN002902/04 06-04
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Delaunes Splash Of Baileys Ml
HP250754/05 01-09
Chocolate & Tan
Al's Captivating Lil Conner Ml
HP138293/04 05-06
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V394937
Bells Highland Luke
HP072233/01 01-05
Cream Piebald
AKC DNA #V378684
Highland Isabella Caitlin Ms
HP086989/05 05-05
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Paradice's Southern Bell Ml
HP158250/02 09-06
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Paradice's Rocky Road
HP056729/04 09-04
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V363172
Paradice's Reese Peanut Butter Pie Mlp
HP064663/02 03-05
Chocolate & Tan Piebald


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