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Full Doggie Bed
Doberman, 2 Doxies and a Golden doodle


Athenea Mini Golden Doodle and buddy Mini Doxie Puppy


"Snow" Much Fun!!!

Lilly has been playing in the snow!


Puppy Kisses for Colten


Ty's 1st Bath!


A Tootles Christmas!


Pricilla and Birch's Kids at 7 weeks old


Little Boo Playing "Peek-a-Boo"


Creamy Sun Bath


Dachshund Wisdom: "Be Sure to Stop and Smell the Flowers...


Beanie Babies For You...
(Mercy's Puppies)


Lola Sitting Pretty!


Libby and Rascal
December 2008


Kami the house kid getting Doxie Kisses
Spring 2008


Kami snuggling the Puppies


Snuggly Babies!



"Water Weenie"


Puppy-Sitting the "Kids"


Deer Puppy Kisses


"And this is how you Leap...."


Harley Buster


Gracie and Olivia


Darby and Black Jack


Daisy and Gracie
Christmas 2004


Colten with Puppy Hugs!


Just Chillin'


Brin and Lola


Braden, Samie the deer and Domin


Betty and Kitty


Bella and Brin



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